Sometimes, Crime Comes Calling...
2 months ago

Escoffier., Ritz & The Savoy Fraud w/ Nick of Muriel's Murders

Food Crime with the brilliant Nick!!!

6 months ago

The Hollywood Queen Con with Rebecca from Ghost Town!

We're joined by Ghost Town's own Rebecca Lieb as we talk about... SHOW BUSINESS!!!

6 months ago

The Silver Lake Monster with Known Unknown

The best podcasters, Carly and Harry, get the call!!!

7 months ago

The Salad Oil Scandal

The kind of crime we love... with dressing on the top!

8 months ago

Lou Pearlman with Lindsay and Madison of Ye Olde Crime!

I love boy bands. I mean like a LOT!

8 months ago

The Hitler Diaries with Lady Justice

Truly, a couple of morons making a lot of money and doin' a little time.

8 months ago

Historical True Crime Showcase #1!!!

Dial-A-Crime is proud to be a part of this wonderful showcase!

9 months ago

Canada Bill Jones with Alex!

We give Alex a call and tell her about the King of Three Card Monte

10 months ago

Scott hears about The Illustrated Presidential Report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography

Earl Kemp's done come and gone, and so few have told his story...

10 months ago

Intro - Dial-A-Crime

Sometimes, Crime Comes A-Callin'...