Sometimes, Crime Comes Calling...
10 months ago

The Soggy Bread Scam

Takeshi Iwamoto may be an evil, non-violent, genius

1 year ago

Escoffier., Ritz & The Savoy Fraud w/ Nick of Muriel's Murders

Food Crime with the brilliant Nick!!!

1 year ago

The Hollywood Queen Con with Rebecca from Ghost Town!

We're joined by Ghost Town's own Rebecca Lieb as we talk about... SHOW BUSINESS!!!

1 year ago

The Silver Lake Monster with Known Unknown

The best podcasters, Carly and Harry, get the call!!!

1 year ago

The Salad Oil Scandal

The kind of crime we love... with dressing on the top!

1 year ago

Lou Pearlman with Lindsay and Madison of Ye Olde Crime!

I love boy bands. I mean like a LOT!

1 year ago

The Hitler Diaries with Lady Justice

Truly, a couple of morons making a lot of money and doin' a little time.

1 year ago

Historical True Crime Showcase #1!!!

Dial-A-Crime is proud to be a part of this wonderful showcase!

2 years ago

Canada Bill Jones with Alex!

We give Alex a call and tell her about the King of Three Card Monte

2 years ago

Scott hears about The Illustrated Presidential Report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography

Earl Kemp's done come and gone, and so few have told his story...